Wedding Venue Checklist


Wedding Venue Checklist

Still trying to decide whether or not a particular venue is the one for you? This checklist is made up of important factors to consider that will hopefully make your decision a whole lot easier!



  • Do you have a specific date in mind and if so, is it available?
  • Does the venue offer a discount if you choose a date that lands during the “off-season”?
  • Is the venue offering you a discount if you are not planning on getting married on a Saturday?


  • Are the majority of your guests able to travel long distances if you decide on a non-local venue?
  • Does the venue work closely with nearby hotels that offer group rates?
  • Does your budget allow to financially assist the really important guests who simply cannot afford to travel to your wedding?


  • Will it accommodate all of your guests?
  • Are there any renovations planned around the date of your wedding?
  • Does it make you and your future husband/wife smile from ear to ear?
  • Is there an alternate ceremony space (if needed) in case there is a weather conflict?
  • Is it a “One event” per day venue?
  • Does it offer a Coordinator?


  • Do they allow outside catering in case you do not like their food selection?
  • Should you decide on using their caterer, do they offer a vegetarian and/or vegan option?
  • What does the caterer include?
  • Can you and your partner take part in a complimentary food tasting?
  • Are there any extra charges for the serving staff?


  • What decor is provided and part of your selected package?
  • Are you allowed to pin-up decor in certain locations?
  • Is there an extra charge to have the venue staff set up decorations?
  • Does the venue allow candles and/or sparklers?
  • How early can your vendors show up to decorate?
  • Who is in charge of clean-up?

A few extras

  • Is the venue insured?
  • What is the cancellation policy ?
  • What is the retainer fee if any?
  • How soon does the Special Events Coordinator respond to your emails/phone calls?