Hot Air Balloon DIY

Hey guys! On today’s blog I want to share how to make your own hot air balloons for your next themed party.  I had so much fun making these for my little guy’s first birthday party and I hope you will too!


  • Lanterns
  • Paint
  • Baskets
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paper made banners

1. First off you need white paper lanterns.  I used both 12″ and 10″ lanterns.

white lanterns


2. Next, choose your paint colors.  I decided on blue, yellow, grey and coral. If you’re into a brighter scheme, go for reds, greens, bright yellows and orange. Those would look amazing!


3.  Grab any paper plate or paint palette and pour some paint on it. You could paint all one color lanterns first or rotate so your eyes don’t get bored :). You will also need a foam brush with a straight edge for painting.paint


4. Paint away! The trick is to try to stay between the lines.  You will notice that all paper lanterns are made up of sections.  These sections have a seam that you can use as your guide for the area you want to paint. Don’t worry if you happen to go over the seam, you can adjust accordingly and it will look just fine! Remember to paint every other section leaving the others white.


5. Once you have completed painting your lanterns, make sure you allow time for drying. My lanterns were dry in 15 minutes! Now you have beautiful colored hot air balloons in the making!

6. Now that you’re all done with the balloon part, it’s time to attach the baskets.  I used these cute little mini baskets from Michaels for both the large and smaller balloons. They come with a handle but I decided to snip those off using Diagonal Cutters. You can then if you choose to, sand down the excess fringe around the edges.

FullSizeRender-22 FullSizeRender-17



7.  All that’s left to do is cut pieces of string and hot glue them from the basket to the inside of the balloon.  I used 4 strips of about 4″ long for each basket to balloon. Using a glue gun, glue the ends of the string and hold it down on the inside corners of the basket.  *Make sure to use a protective glove or pliers to avoid burning your finger*. You will then glue the other end to the inside of your balloon.  Let them dry really well before trying to hang.

knotting cord

8. To add a little extra touch, I purchased clip art from @MandyartMarket. and used it for the banners on the baskets as well as to add other sweet little touches to the birthday party decor.


9. Hanging them was pretty easy as well. All you need is fishing line and your DIY hot air balloons.


10. TADA! the final product!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun DIY and that your own versions are beautiful and creative.  Thanks for visiting guys!!