5 common questions and situations you should really try to avoid as a guest at a wedding


Hi everyone! Well here we are, 2017 is almost out the window and my oh my have we had one heck of a year! We have been blessed with the BEST clients!! Seriously, the most genuine, wonderful, kind-hearted people on earth! which quickly brings me to my point; they are so kind that they don’t know how to kindly decline a request from a guest that just isn’t necessary.

Please hear me out when I tell you that each couple has enough on their plate. They may not have to worry about all of the details that go into planning but they still have to worry about other things like creating a guest list, seating assignments, agreeing on meal choices and what flavor sorbet or donuts they want to serve. Things like finding the perfect gown, wedding band design, and dealing with work! So when 2 weeks out you have “special requests”, you’re only adding to the “to-do” list that they already wish they didn’t have.

https://jazzytree.com/14792-flomax-uk.html interpret Here are 5 common questions and situations you should really try to avoid as a guest at a wedding:

1. train buy l tryptophan Can I bring a plus 1? – I’m sorry, but if your invitation only had 1 seat reserved for you, it is because your presence is the only one they desire to have around on such a special day and not your neighbor’s who they’ve never met.  Surely, you will be seated with at least another guest at the table who you are familiar with. Take it as your chance to mix and mingle with others and have fun!

2. http://afalocksmith.com/74433-lumigan-buy-online.html package Canceling your attendance less than 14 days before the wedding or becoming a no-show. Unless you have a family emergency or are ill to your core, this is actually pretty rude. By now, the seating chart has been created, balance paid off with the venue, caterer, cake, bartenders and favors have been ordered. Do your very best to attend if you have responded with a YES on that RSVP card.

3. elocon cream uk inform Showing up to the ceremony during the processional and trying to find a seat. Uhmmmm nope! Please wait until the entire bridal party has made their way up to the front so that you can take a seat in the back. Unfortunately, planners are either with the bride waiting to hold her dress and fluff her before she walks down the aisle or attending other important matters, that we may just miss you running in to find a seat. Just please wait your turn! and I don’t mean after the flower girls!

4. tizanidine price devise Wearing white. Although not all brides wear the traditional white, it should be left as a choice for the person walking down the aisle. Believe it or not, I have seen this on more than one occasion and it is still frowned upon. I’ve even seen guests wearing a full on white, lace dress. Definitely a no-no. The only exception  when I would say it is OK to wear white is if your soon to be newlyweds have made that a request. It is in fact their special day!

5. Leaving after dinner and taking home a centerpiece. NO!! ahhh! this drives me insane! For the most part centerpiece giveaway is not as common as it used to be but still there are many couples who choose to give these out as gifts. Sometimes a centerpiece giveaway becomes an ice breaker during dinner, and other times, couples have decided ahead of time who each centerpiece is going to. Please DO NOT think it is ok to take home a centerpiece at 7:30p.m. when the wedding is over at 10:00p.m. Now we’re left with a sad-looking table or a coordinator who has to run after you and kindly ask for it back. Trust me, if they are being gifted, you will know 🙂

Thanks for hearing me out guys! Wedding etiquette is important and we can only keep up with it with your help!



Maricela Alicia

Photo Credits: Arleth G, Malibu Photographer